Dementia Signage

Case Study - Leeds University Union

In June 2007 we were asked to present ideas on a new directional signage system for Leeds University Union (LUU).

Leeds University Union

The LUU is situated on campus in a beautiful old four storey building with several split levels all of which add up to a rather challenging way-finding situation for new starters. The marketing team at LUU were also aware of the need to communicate the location of ALL the concessions / facilities within the multi-level complex, to ensure equal trade and usage. The successful system had to have in-built flexibility, with frequent name and location changes but offer a permanent colour-coding and branding system to ease way-finding.

We presented our Vista Interchangeable Slat System, a high quality, durable, aluminium system which can be made-to-measure and either wall mounted, ceiling suspended, single or double sided.

A colour coding system was devised by the LUU team for each floor and then a series of meetings ensued and many walk-arounds, to ensure all the directional instructions and arrows successfully moved the thousands of students around the myriad of facilities. All toilet signage included Braille to comply with current DDA legislation and a slide-in Vista unit was installed to notify students when the toilets were being cleaned.

The end result can be seen in the range of pictures, showing an attractive, hard-working directional system which adapts to the ever-changing needs of life at the LUU.

More information on the Vista Interchangeable Slat System.

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