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  • August 13: Multimount install large format, fully-automatic B0 thermal laminator The Centurion 2 thermal laminator is the largest of its kind handling a sheet size up to B0, 1020mm wide.

    This means we can feed the long side of a B1 print and provide a 35% faster turnaround than a typical B1 laminator. Multimount, now part of the White Ghost Group along with Cuttingedge. is now able to provide exceptional and comprehensive digital and traditional print finishing services, unsurpassed in the North of England. For regular high volume lamination, The Centurion 2 provides a major benefit to our clients as they can deliver pallets of print and collect a finished job all fomr the one location whereas previously two different suppliers may have been involved in the project. We’re now the one-stop, large format print finishing shop. (Hate the cliché but it had to be done!) As well as providing high speed, high quality standard gloss and matt thermal lamination, we’re also offering special finishes with soft-touch and textured films and we’re releasing a range of metalised/foiled boards for printers which will be available on a range of substrates and thicknesses up to 5mm and all on demand. The range will include coloured reflective films – perfect for Christmas – including red, green, silver mirror etc, along with some more distinctive finishes such as brushed aluminium and brushed copper. Please call or e-mail for a competitive quote.

  • August 08: New CNC Router Installed

    We have just shoe-horned a new CNC router into one of our units to increase our sheet handling capabilities and production capacity.

    The new machine has a 6 square metre bed and, as with our existing machine, is designed to handle all manner of metal, wood and plastic substrates up to 180mm thick.

    Custom-built for Multimount, the new machine dramatically increases our output and includes a pneumatic six-tool auto-changer which facilitates the execution of more complicated operations, faster.

    We have made this investment in anticipation of our continued growth which is currently averaging around 35% per annum.